Loki Thor

It is not just Thor’s adoptive brother in the 2012 Avengers movie, it is the nectar of the Gods. Loki is an alcoholic beverage made by Rennies.


It has an Everclear grain alcohol 151 or 190 proof and sugar base and is flavored with / but not limited to, extracts, juice, or candy. Loki comes in any flavor imaginable: vanilla, chocolate, chocolate mint, peanut butter, cinnamon, melon, pumpkin pie, pomegranate, apple, orange, and coconut, whatever the mind can imagine. Rennies have awesome imaginations! And awesome names for their Loki. I named one of my blends “Hokey Pokey Loki” but my favorite is simply named “Kiss”. It is said the best Loki is made during a full moon.

Full moon

It needs to cure preferably 6 months or more. Generally speaking the older the better as far as the smoothness and melding of flavors. I’m not sure how long Loki has been around or where it originated. It has been circulating in the Renaissance crowd for at least 20 years. Some say it originated in Texas. What I do know is how it got it’s name. Loki is the trickster God of Norse mythology.

LOKI cartoon

He is known for his playful and mischievous ways. He was also known for shape shifting and presenting himself in disguise. He enjoyed “shallow pleasures” Hmmm…. Guilty! It is no wonder the Rennie world can relate to Loki. Well played, originator of Loki, Well played.

The recipe for Loki has traditionally been a guarded secret. You will not find it here for that reason. It is passed down to members of Renaissance groups once they have been inducted and passed the probationary period of being a squire. If you are not familiar with these groups, they operate very similar to motorcycle gangs as far as the membership goes. Some of the groups in my area are Chaos, Brigadoon, Pirates of Poseidon, The Claw, Wolf Pack, Valhalla, and there are many many more. Some groups have their own special flavors of Loki. Some host Loki competitions. Rennies are very proud of their Loki. Much sharing and sampling goes on.

Loki is not for chugging! It is a very strong alcoholic drink that will knock you on your arse if you are not careful. Do not be fooled by the smooth unassuming ways of Loki. It packs quite a whollop. Many tales are told of “the first time I drank Loki”. A little bit goes a long ways. That is why it is so delightfully transportable. Another benefit of Loki over, say beer or mead…you are not going to the privy constantly and taking off your garb to “go”, which means more time with friends and less time missing out on our precious activities.

Recently on Travel Channel’s new “Fandemonium” show, Adam Richman sampled Loki with tail gating Rennies at Scarborough Renaissance Faire near Waxahachie Texas.

Adam Richman Loki


If you have watched the new History Channel series “Vikings”, which was nominated for three Emmy’s, there is a character named “Floki”.


He is a crazy lovable guy who embodies the essence of Loki. I am anxiously awaiting the new season coming in 2014, and highly recommend the series.


So, if you get a chance, try some Loki. For you brewers out there, next full moon is Aug 21. I will be busy that night. There are four more full moons this year Rennies!: Sept 19, October 19, Nov. 17, and Dec 17. Perhaps you will come up with a delicious new flavor. If you do, come find me. I have decided I am a Loki sommelier in training, and I need practice.

Kim Jennings


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